Add Magnesium to Your Diet

A very important metabolic element that leads us toward good health, try adding magnesium to your diet.  Why would one sip of milk of magnesia cause you to lose weight?  One reason is that it allows your liver to fight fat by removing it from your blood stream, and allows the liver not to have to fight toxic elements that exist near the fat.  Magnesium does a good job of surrounding the toxic sugars, starches, unhealthy carbs and chemicals that we ingest, and ridding them in the digestive system.  Often a diet rich in magnesium is one that creates good health effects as well.

Time to Take Magnesium

Spelt with Pesto
Spelt with Pesto

Take Magnesium before bed, as it will allow you to calm your body, and prepare you for excellent rest.  With the quiet of the sleep cycle, Magnesium will search through your toxic substances in your blood, and surround them very efficiently.  The result will be an increase in resilience during times of toxic overload, fat removal by your liver, and lowering of your blood pressure.  It will allow you find your most comfortable restful state, by lowering your heart rate, and your blood pressure.  When toxicity is lowered, all other organs will work better.

Irritability and Fear

Often the most common symptom of low magnesium levels is an increase of anger and fear within your day.  It is a trigger as your body is truly struggling to survive; overwhelmed by toxicity and being over worked.  If you feel uncertain, struggle to maintain your polite edge with strangers, and are often fighting back the little fearful voice in your mind, allowing some magnesium into your body will help a great deal.  Do not overlook how powerful fat and toxic chemicals can be in your life; they will completely ruin your positive progress in your mind, as you move forward.

Why Magnesium Builds Towards Great Digestion

Removing toxic elements, minerals, chemicals and sugars from your blood will improve your digestion immensely.  There are great advantages to letting your liver combat the fat and the fat alone each day.  Imagine your liver has to work on the priorities of removing first the toxins, and then the fat.  When your body needs fat, removes the value of Omega 3, 6, and 9 from the fat you consume, and all the lipids that come with its benefit, there is simple cellulose to store or rid.  Let the liver work on rid vs store in your day.

This process of binding to toxins, with the building blocks of magnesium, can bring you good success with your general health and well being.  That means too, you will see better mineral absorption, and vitamin acceptance as you move forward. Naturally, you can find Magnesium in Oat bran, dark rice, seeds, beans that are dried, spinach, some broccoli, and dark potatoes with the skin.  The spelt grain with pesto dish pictured,  is an excellent source of magnesium, as the grain is often less processed than other whole grains.  Be sure to review your food for terms like artificial flavors, guar gum, calcium carbonate, niacinamide, or vitamin b or folic acid.  This is a sure sign that your product has been extracted and processed to remove and extract most of the magnesium; some may even be added back to ensure a percentage.  With many ingredients, you can be sure that this is a product that could create some nitrosamines in your gut, and will not offer you the right kind of magnesium.

Some products, if commercially produced, will be devoid of this important mineral.  In case you cannot eat organically and with confidence of Non-GMO foods, be sure to add supplements to your food, of 400mg or less.




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