How Whey Protein Packs a Weight Loss Punch

Weight loss is often discussed with low calorie, high exercise agenda items, and this will produce even more results when adding whey protein to your diet. Not only does whey protein taste great, but it makes you feel full, will keep you on the right path with your diet, and will turn your workout of any duration into a powerful effect.  One reason that whey protein drinks cause you to lose weight, is it adds another dimension to your body chemistry.

Whey Protein and Lactic Acid Production

One of my favorite shows is Stan Lee’s Super Humans where they showcase amazing human feats and activities from normal everyday people. Everyone has something that is super amazing, from having very long legs, to being able to withstand large amounts of sleep deprivation, to my favorite, being able to run, and run and run!

The episode where Dean Karnazes shows his super human strength, explains a lot about weight loss and exercise.  The truthful nuggets are everywhere, you just have to equate them to your goals in life.  Mr. Karnazes is an amazing human, because he can run for hours to days to weeks, with no fatigue, or injury.  He is a runner, a biker, and an ultra marathon man.  With his ability, he can produce great time on his runs, and do it again the very next day.

Testing his abilities is where the show really brought home some truth to our problems in weight loss.  Mr. Kanazes does not produce lactic acid in his muscles, and if he does, it is very mild.

Every human being produces lactic acid after a run, walk or a sprint at the gym.  This toxic after effect, is created by the destruction of muscles during your workout.  We experience lactic acid in our bodies when we quickly burn glucose to create the energy needed to perform sports and exercise activities.  When we burn glucose, and oxidized to a new compound called pyruvate, lactate is often produced faster that our bodies can remove the lactic acid.  That is why, often a trainer or an exercise regime will allow you to slowly walk for a certain amount of time, based on how you present at the time of exercise.  You are showing signs of lactic acid overload or Acidosis.

Why Whey Protein Works to Fight Acidosis

Body builders, triathletes and mom’s who love to exercise know, drinking a whey protein drink after an exercise routine, will be a great idea.  Your muscle mass will increase, your total body fat will decrease, and your weight will drop with each week of workout.  This is a great way to reward yourself too, because the whey protein drinks taste great!  This works because it fights the after effects of acidosis, or large deposits of lactic acid in your body.  One sign that you are fighting acidosis, or lactic acid levels, is that you have pain in your body after a work out, and aches and pains the next day too.

Whey protein has a magic effect on acid, as it brings down the acid to a base in your the muscle cells.  With a nice boost of protein to bind to those torn and affected cells, you will not feel tired and worn from your beneficial workout.  As well, you won’t lose muscle mass over time.  Whey protein benefits offer a low calorie option that we can see a muscle benefit over time.  The use of this type of drink is beneficial for every human, as the tear and replace of muscles is something every human is constantly enduring.

Acidosis is describes your body is in an acid state; eating asparagus, which is a baseline food, will increase your body’s resistance to acidosis.  Whey protein is another way to control this effect.

Other beneficial foods include lactic acid.  Sour milk food items contain lactic acid, and these include curdled dairy like sour creme, yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir.  Other foods that contain lactic acid, are sourdough breads, beer and sometimes wine when the vintage requires a higher pH.  But wait!  Weren’t we trying to remove lactic acids from our body?  Why would you eat or consume these items?

Why Consumption of Whey Protein and Sour Milk Foods Result in Positive Gains

Every blue zone on the planet finds a population of elder humans consuming lactic acid rich dairy drinks.  These pockets of yogurt eating and kefir drinking humans outlive many societies who divulge in red meat, starches and low vegetable and fruit consumption.  One reason could be that lactic acid is often craved by neuron cells in the brain.  This is one case where you may produce lactic acid in your muscles, and that same acidosis is threatening for your muscle cells, but great and a solid food of sorts for your brain.

This explains how complex and wonderful the body is, but creating a great food for the brain from the destruction of the muscle cells.  This is why you receive a bit of adrenaline after a run, and your body is spent, but your mind is ready to go, go, go.  Creating the perfect environment for your brain and body requires whey protein to salve your worn muscles, and lactic acid drinks to boost your neuron cells.





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