Weight Statistics : How to Wrap Your Mind Around the Weight of the Nation

While relaxing with my TV, after a particularly crazy week at work, I stumbled on HBO’s newest documentary, The Weight of the Nation. This great show on America’s Weight problem, and how it is going to seriously affect the way our country prospers, or results in failure was full of shocking statistics.  We are all part of a collective group of over 300 million American’s and the weight of the nation can influence our bottom line, as well as our constitutional right for health and happiness.

The Weight of the Nation will Prove to Be Our Greatest Failure or Success

With over 311,591,917 Americans on the planet, over 20 million of these Americans diagnosed with Diabetes, and over 79 million Americans now are pre-diabetic, we are at a critical stage in our history as a county.  So far, from 1970 on, we have been steady climbing a very steep staircase to a result of either great accomplishment or ultimate failure.  If our population of Americans increases to this forecast of 34% of our population living with diabetes- we are going to have an increased struggle of keeping our position as an economic powerhouse.  Already, the costs of the 20 million diabetic individuals, has seen a health care crisis in parts of America, and the weight of the nation is becoming a factor in our ability to create a valued economy.

Not only does this stunning fact create a drain on our country’s resources, but it will impact the entire global community as well.  The diabetic surge is being seen in other developing countries, where processed food, sugary drinks, and low exercise lifestyles have been encountered.  The health of America is influencing other cultures, and this could be a very dangerous result for us all.

Simply stated, the weight of the nation, is not just something we can dismiss, as it will impact us all.  The best way to contain this flood of diabetes, and overweight health issues, is to improve our communication with everyone we know.  It is truly important we all place a higher goal for our family and friends, and find out how we can help to curb being overweight with important statistics.  Knowledge is power, and getting the word out is key to us all being a solution to finding health and happiness.

Weight Statistics from The Weight of the Nation

  • Over 2/3 of America is Overweight, Obese or Morbidly Obese
  • 1/3 of the weight of the nation is Obese
  • Only 1% of America’s Population Performs the 6 Items each Day for Healthy Living
  • From 1970 to Present, 36% of the Population grew to be Pre-Diabetic compared to 7%
  • 17% of American Kids are Obese
  • To Burn off a serving of French Fries, a 200 lb American must walk 2 Hours and 24 minutes
  • Your Liver Can become Diseased with Fat simply by being overweight
  • That same liver, with a day of exercise and low fat eating, will remove all forms of fatty liver damage, in 24 hours
  • Most Diet Programs are Built to Allow you to Lose Weight, but Gain it back once again
  • The Best Diet Program is not a diet but a lifestyle change
  • Sugary Drinks are a Key Cause to the Overweight Population of 64% of America
  • The Weight of the Nation will Impact our Ability to Be a Nation of Economic Powerhouses
  • Workers will be limited to the healthy 36% to carry the burden of the 64% of sick Americans
  • The American Healthcare System cannot handle the wave of sick American’s that Obesity will provide

A Bright Side to The Weight of the Nation

The treatments and news from this shocking amount of data does have a cheery side, and that is, you can lose weight, and the key here, and you can keep it off.  The most inspired overweight Americans in The Weight of the Nation, fought weight by doing small steps, and doing it to keep their lives moving forward.  Some simple steps, that do not cost you anything, and are not going to be offered by any weight loss program that does cost money are:

  • Stop drinking sugary or sugar like drinks
  • Adopt an exercise program that ensures you walk one hour a day
  • Manage your portions
  • Find out how many calories are in your favorite foods
  • Empower your mind by starting a new life

If you are interested in the most fascinating news from this great program, I found it thrilling to learn that if you fast and eat very low fat, only veggies and fruit for 24 hours, and no chemical drinks or sugar, your liver can actually remove every speck of fat from itself.  Many people have a fatty liver, and do not even know it.  This used to be a common disease with alcoholics, but now with all the chemicals in our food and drinks, it is now a common problem for most Americans.

Just by a simple diet, full of great nutrition, and low chemicals, your liver will be brand new in 24 hours!  That to me is very amazing, and hopeful.  Let your mind search through the videos of the Weight of the Nation, and learn more to be inspired.


All Weight of the Nation Material is linked below, and is courtesy of HBO.com

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HBOs documentary, The Weight of the Nation is a valuable resource for any member of your family, your friends or your fellow American’s who are struggling with their weight.

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