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In order to lose weight, you have to understand why you have not lost weight effectively in the past, and how to change this to success!

Lemon in Hot Water in the Morning

Why is lemon such a great thing to add to your healthy food choices each and every day?  For one, lemon in a cup of luke warm water, will give you great hydration each morning, that you are surely missing.  In the developed world, each person is ingesting more sodium and preservatives than they can remove from their daily diet.   Water and being hydrated is the best way to keep your kidneys and liver healthy, and allow all the sodium and toxins to be removed easily and effectively.  The connection between soda and kidney dialysis is strong, as when you drink lots of soda, you are drinking lots of toxins and sodium that contribute towards difficult kidney cleansing.   With a lemon in your warm cup each morning, you are getting more than just some hydration.

Lemon in Warm Water : Here’s Why

A warm water cup with the juice and fiber from half of an organic lemon will bring you so much health, each and every day.  This is a sure fire way to get your vitamin C each day.  Lemon has more vitamin C than most oranges, as they are very small and not as diluted as an orange.  And, with a luke warm heated cup of water, you are not destroying the vitamins and minerals from the lemon, but you are giving yourself a treat that is easier than cold water.  It is true as well, that cold crisp water, is hard for your stomach to handle.  When you give a nice introduction of warm but not scalding water, you are ingesting the right connection of temperature for your digestion.  A lemon too, offers more than just vitamin C, as it gives you great fiber for just a little bit of effort.

Lemon offers an Acid Reduction

citrus in waterEach day, with the removal of toxins and sugars, your liver creates a busy time, where it actually brings you an over production of acid.  Food and preserved foods are often acidic in nature, and this overly acidic state is difficult for hormone constancy.  Uneven levels of acids, little base to your diet, creates a very high level of stomach digestive juices, heart burn, and acid production in your stomach and digestion lining.  Waste is difficult to remove, and you develop skin problems and sometimes even headaches and nervous anxiety.  The best thing about a lemon to your morning, is that it gives you an instant base to your diet, as the addition of water which is warm, to your stomach lining turns naturally base in your stomach.  It might not seem like it, but if you add some lemon to your warm cup in the morning, you are giving your diet a base or a neutrality instead of an acid.

Lemon is Helpful for On Going Metabolism

Keeping your body able to process sugars, salts and toxins easily, lemon does all of these benefits with the ability to remove your acid levels, and keep you alkaline.  Asparagus is another natural way to find a base or alkaline diet trigger, and allow you to digest proteins, sugars, and other toxins more easily.    This, with constant presentation, each and every morning, will boost your metabolism slowly.  Each morning, do yourself a favor, and warm your water, cut a lemon in half, and squeeze it into the water for a gulp of great health.  It will be a great way to remove any of the previous day’s problems.  And a lemon in the morning will begin your new metabolism that very instant.